Stupid Aliens

The latest Isaac Arthur YouTube video I've watched is about the possibility of stupid aliens.Kind of loose with the term "stupid aliens" because the video tended to downplay the possibility that aliens that make contact with Earth would be "stupid". On the one hand I would agree that in order to get a spacecraft from anywhere to Earth takes technology and that would indicate that the aliens value knowledge. On the other hand being alien means your mindset is also likely "alien". Maybe the aliens evolved from insect-like creatures rather than mammal-like creatures. That would be a totally different brain structure and quite possibly a different way their minbds process information and make decisions.

Aliens may have different philosophy. Humans often can put religious belief over logic and there's no way to know what an alien religion would be like. "Stupid" is a subjective term. Just like humans aliens may be intelligent in some areas but lack intelligence in other areas.

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