My Last Steem Post

If all goes as planned this activity report will also be my last post cross-post on the Steem Blockchain. All future Activity reports I make should only appear on Hive's blockchain.

Maybe sometime in the future I might update this post with more detail but for now I would rather just state that I have lost confidence and trust in the Steem platform since earlier this year. I've been making steps since then to transition away from the Steem platform and I am in the final phase of leaving by the end of 2020.

Since earlier this year Steem has lost a certain something that Hive was able to retain for the most part since the split. It's the something that brought me to the community in the first place and why I feel like I should only be on Hive.

I am powering down to the minimum 5 SP. I chose to leave but I am keeping my communities. Anybody staying on the Steem platform can continue to post there. I've pinned a notice to them all. If there's ever a problem such as spam I can be contacted and use my keys for anything that needs an administrative fix.

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