A Message From Jenny

My name is Jenny. The blogger you know as Holovision is allowing me to make this blog post on his account because Holovision is one of the few I've talked to recently that will at least entertain the notion that the details I am about to share are true. That's the spin Holovision wants. The deal is I write this and Holovision keeps the cryptocurrency this post generates. Holovision figures that everyone reading this post will just assume this is fiction written by him. Maybe Holovision is writing this. After all the crazy stuff I have witnessed that's as possible as any other explanation. I promise I will be faithfully honest in every detail of this blog post to the best of my ability.

The fact of the matter is I am not from your world. The Earth I come from is almost identical in geography and as far as I can tell up until just a few years ago all the events in the American history of my world are the same as what you've learned in school.

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If as I suspect my world was once the same as yours the divergence must have occurred sometime around early 2015. That's when my world most likely split off and the changes began. Because the changes take from one to three months for each individual the exact start date isn't known but the experts of my world have narrowed it down to around February or March of 2015 when it first started. The exact start date and a "patient zero" are just two of the many unknown things about what is for all intents and purposes a pandemic sweeping the world I am from. It's been spreading for over four years and there is no sign that it will stop.

It's hard for you to believe that I am from another version of Earth. I understand your skepticism. If I had read this back in 2014 I would have stopped reading this post by now. It really doesn't matter because nobody reading this can do anything to help my world if I could force people to believe me.

Crazy as it seems the world I come from is basically being ravaged by a supernatural apocalypse. Not a zombie or werewolf apocalypse; although that's a small part of it. There is a trope in fiction called "becoming the costume". When you see this trope in media it is usually a Halloween gimmick. A magical spell transforms a person into whatever costume they are wearing. That's what is happening on my world except the process is gradual. It's also not restricted to people wearing costumes. The change could be based on the way a person is dressed. If it's not based on clothes the change could physically bring forth whatever Walter Mitty secret desire is in the person being affected. Whatever causes the people of my world to change seems to take the path of least resistance so each case is more likely than not based on the way the person is dressed when the change begins.

Photo Source: My Babysitter's a Vampire, Episode "Halloweird"

When a person on my world begins to change it starts off small. They start to change their habits one day or redecorate their home in a way that foreshadows what the person will become. As people change they might soon begin to go by a different name and their physical body might slowly begin to transform into something different. The DNA gets rewritten and genes change their expressions. A Y chromosome can become X or X chromosome can become Y by the time the change is complete. Knowledge and information to make the new identity consistent seems to somehow get downloaded from nowhere into the brain overwriting the original mental contents.

As the people of my world change they are unaware of it happening. You can point out the changes but they'll deny anything is different. Their conscious mind changes to reflect all the external changes. As far as they are concerned the changes are what they are and they've always been that way. Because of this hardly anybody on my world is now interested in self-improvement. Breaking a smoking habit or improving vocabulary is considered a possible sign that you will not be you within a few weeks.

There can be brief lapses of conscious awareness for the victims that the change is occurring. Some panic suddenly realizing they are changing with no control over the process. Others just accept the inevitable loss of their identity believing that changing will make their new life better than how they've been living and will use the brief time of awareness to say goodbye to friends and family. I've heard recordings of some of those calls to loved ones. They sound like damn suicide notes read aloud by an inappropriately happy voice.

The worst changes occur to the individuals with toxic personalities. I wasn't kidding when I stated the changes seem to take the path of least resistance. A person who is "bad to the bone" will almost certainly transform into some kind of monster. All of their hatred and anger and all the other negatives become grotesque physical features.

Of course not everyone on my world believes what has been happening is a supernatural apocalypse. Psychologists have their behavioral theories of amnesia with comorbidity of disorders and something something qualia something. The one thing psychologists don't talk about is a cure because they don't have one. Physicists who like to speculate about consciousness talk about neural entropy and Boltzmann brains being behind the costume apocalypse. Some others not as concerned with academic credibility hypothesize about the holographic universe, reality as a simulation and changes to the matrix. Many others have concluded that the changes are part of an extra-terrestrial invasion. As insane as that last one is in a world where a person can turn into a bug-eyed monster within a few weeks anything seems possible.

The geneticists simply chant that the changes that occur are impossible. Point by point it shouldn't be happening. Even if it should be possible one to three months is too short a time span for the kinds of metamorphoses they are witnessing. The geneticists look at the changes that defy their understanding of how it should work. They label it scientific crap but they still keep studying and digging for the pony that will unlock a few Nobel Prizes. 

The experts of my world have reached a few conclusions about the nature of the force changing the population. Whatever causes people to change isn't transmitted through physical contact or contagious in any of the conventional ways. Just because your husband or sister changes doesn't mean you'll change. At least not immediately. Whatever causes people to change seems to obey statistical probability. Ever since 2015 approximately ten percent of my world's population changes every year. At the beginning of 2015 the population of my Earth was roughly seven billion. By the end of 2015 roughly 700 million people had changed leaving 6.3 billion unaffected. Of that 6.3 billion roughly 630 million more people had changed by the end of 2016. Much like the radioactive decay of an element the amount of people left unaffected dwindles like clockwork. By the end of this year there will be a little over four billion unchanged citizens of my world and roughly more than three billion who are what they used to not be. There's no end in sight and as far as can be determined once a person changes they never go back.

By now you've guessed correctly that on my world places such as Hollywood and Broadway are now effectively ghost towns. Very little media has been produced since around 2016 due to the danger of any actor permanently changing into their character. Some voice actors are willing to take the risk if the price is right and some new pornography is still being generated because most of those actors are goofy enough to want to become their characters. At first cosplayers thought that their prayers had been answered but many reconsidered after watching loved ones change.

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Remember I stated that ten percent of the population in my world changes every year? Consider what happens to the population of any given high school of my world.  As bad as anti-vaxxer parents are they are nothing compared to the selfish parents of my world. After the danger of changing was known practices such as cheerleading and sports should have been immediately banned but they weren't. There were mothers who thought it was wonderful their daughters might become the archetypal cheerleader and fathers who wanted their sons to transform into great football players. They figured with a ten percent chance each year starting with middle school by the time they graduated high school there would be a good chance they'd turn into an athletic persona that could get a full scholarship. Some of those parents got their foolish wish granted. There are now more permanently transformed athletes than professional sports can accommodate. Maybe young Jane Smith would have changed even if she hadn't been a cheerleader but encouraging her to take the chance to permanently be mentally stuck in a role that doesn't have enough slots to fill also means precious daughter Jane is taking a chance on being a perky unemployed cheerleader for the rest of her life. Not that Jane will ever care because she's perfectly content being a cheerleader. She's always been a cheerleader. She will have no doubts that she will always be cheerleading whether it's for pay or not. Being a cheerleader is what she is. It's who she is. It's what she will always be because it's her identity.

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Last year on the news I saw a story about a school wildcat mascot that had become feral and had to be put down by law enforcement. I don't know what those parents were thinking but if there is a Hell that's where they are going.

Whatever is causing the changes isn't just changing the population. it is changing the economy. Too many people have high hopes. There are only so many doctors, astronauts, supermodels and punk rock stars an economy can sustain. In your world people can see an overfilled vocation and change their goals. In my world once people change nothing known can change their mindset.There is no retraining. Throw in the fictional characters that people can turn into which are completely unemployable and my world is doomed to a chaotic economic future. 

Another tentative conclusion the experts of my world have reached based on observation data is that consciousness exists outside the physical body and each consciousness is unique. Let's say someone changes into Sherlock Holmes. With the millions of changes occurring in my world that may have happened. I stopped keeping track. Anyway, the person becoming Sherlock Holmes is the only person in the population who becomes Sherlock Holmes. No two identical personalities have ever been reported since the outbreak of changes began. The person will have the physical traits and mannerism of the Doyle character and the memories will be absolutely consistent with having always been Sherlock Holmes. Nobody else will be Sherlock Holmes. Many people can claim to have been Cleopatra in a past life under hypnosis but that doesn't happen to the changed people of my world. Anybody who changes into Cleopatra will be the only one to become Cleopatra. After that happens the best that can happen to a hopeful Cleopatra wannabe is to become an actress that has played Cleopatra. Since consciousness is unique nobody turns into a living actress that has portrayed Cleopatra. The actress the would be Cleopatra can turn into is one that has died in the past. However, if the person who becomes Cleopatra dies you then have the renewed chance of turning into Cleopatra. If that is what you can consider reincarnation then reincarnation has been proven to exist, at least in my world.

In 2015 a woman in Yonkers turned into Marilyn Monroe and died of a drug overdose shortly after. A cross-dresser in Las Vegas two months later became Marilyn Monroe. If somebody on my world wants to have a chance becoming Marilyn Monroe they either need a bottle of pills or a Kennedy.

I realize this seems like the narration of a fever dream. I am sure Holovision is going to regret letting me share this on his blog but God help me this is all true.

I don't think the preternatural force causing the people of my world to change has a scientific basis. If magic wasn't a thing in my world before it sure is now. There is no doubt real wizards and witches walk around in my world now. After people change they sometimes take on paranormal if not outright magical abilities when it is consistent with their new persona. In both your world and mine there is the concept of "shipping". The fandom of creating romantic relationships between characters is all fun and games until there is literally a Cupid in your world firing love arrows at a creature making it fall in love with you. Even worse you fall madly in love with the creature after being hit with Cupid's arrow. Just because you haven't changed doesn't make you immune from the effects of the others who have.

Back on my world I had a friend named Gloria. She was an atheist her whole life and was raised by agnostics. Her job was to answer the phone calls from men who saw the late night TV ads featuring single girls looking to talk if you know what I mean. One day in the late summer of 2015 I saw her wearing one of those Christian cross necklaces. I asked her about it and she just shrugged and said she was wearing it ironically. The next week while we were sharing lunch at a local restaurant Gloria began to hum a religious tune. I asked her why she was doing that and she denied humming anything. Moments later she was softly singing a religious hymn and blissful unaware that she was doing it.

A few weeks later I paid a visit to Gloria's apartment. I was beyond shocked to see Gloria had somehow gotten around nine or ten years younger. Even more shocking Gloria though I was her mother's friend. I never met Gloria's mother. Her mother died when the South Tower collapsed back in 2001. Why was Gloria saying that her mother was out running errands?

I asked Gloria about work and she claimed she didn't have a job. She stated she never has had a job because she was a sixteen year old student. On the kitchen table were textbooks checked out from the public library and a notebook that Gloria was writing notes in. I had the feeling I was in the beginning of a horror movie and excused myself to quickly leave. Since this was my first experience with how people were changing my feelings about being in a horror movie weren't that far off.

The next day a secretary at a private Catholic school called me. Gloria had shown up at the school expecting to go to class. Gloria kept insisting that she was a student at the school and had been a student at the school ever since her mother enrolled her there. The school wasn't able to contact her parents so they called me because Gloria gave them my number as an emergency contact. The authorities eventually had Gloria placed in a public high school and Gloria believes it's because her mother can no longer afford private education.

In the last four years Gloria hasn't seemed to age a day. There is no convincing her she was once older or that she was once an atheist. Don't even try telling her how she used to earn a paycheck. For the last four years Gloria has believed she is a sixteen year old girl attending school and she physically remains a sixteen year old who thinks she has always believed in God. Gloria kept her name after the change but everything else about her is gone.

Gloria goes to school and then comes home to take care of things believing her mother is always out running errands. If you think the change made Gloria a teenager you are wrong. If you've concluded Gloria became a Catholic schoolgirl you don't comprehend how insidious the force changing her was. The damn thing turned Gloria into a latchkey kid!

I had another friend named Phoebe who taught European history at the local community college until 2017. Since the population of the world had been changing for two years I was more able to handle the situation when Phoebe began to change. I stopped by that day to wish Phoebe a happy birthday. Phoebe was wearing a French maid's outfit while cleaning her small home. Phoebe knew she was still a history teacher but she was confused why I kept calling her Phoebe. Phoebe was now named Yvette. Phoebe was always named Yvette. I knew from experience that asking her to look at her identification would only cause her to be in denial and confusion about why she had someone else's ID card.

A few weeks later Phoebe called me needing a ride home. She was no longer teaching history. As her Yvette identity she had shown up at one of the wealthy McMansions on the north side of town believing she worked there as a maid. The owners of the residence obviously didn't get rich by turning away cheap and willing labor so Yvette worked for several days until lapsing back into mentally being Phoebe and calling me for a ride. By the time I got there she was once again Yvette but I was able to get her to come with me on the premise I was taking her to the hospital. While going down Main Street Phoebe had resurfaced. A few days later I was talked into giving Phoebe another ride. This time to the airport. As a student years ago Phoebe had visited Spain and Taured but never got to see France. Phoebe felt compelled to visit Paris and there was no stopping her.

I'd try to contact Phoebe to see how she's doing but Yvette wouldn't remember teaching history in America under a different name and I can't speak French.

Then there's myself. At the beginning of this blog post I promised to be truthful and claimed my name was Jenny. That wasn't a lie because I thought I was Jenny when I wrote that. I now remember my name is Laurie. I've purposely been dressed as Jenny for almost three years waiting for my chance and it's finally happened. Jenny can move between realities and I wanted that character's power. I wanted to exploit the different realities to become rich. I wanted the ability to move to Star Trek type realities for the futuristic technology and shift to prehistoric worlds for extinct dinosaur eggs that could be hatched by scientists willing to pay the right price.

But that's wrong. Yes, morally but also counterfactual. I am Jenny Everywhere. I've always been Jenny Everywhere. For as long as I can remember I have always been known as "The Shifter". I exist in every reality and I am able to shift to any reality I chose. There's an entry about me on Wikipedia claiming I am an open source free-culture character and that every story about me contains the following text: 

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition: This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, that others might use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

But I am a real person. I am Jenny Everywhere and I do exist. The fingers I use to type these words are as real as the scarf and goggles I wear. How can I not really exist?

As stated before whatever causes the changes to occur in my world isn't contagious in the usual ways. I don't think I brought it with me when I shifted into your reality. If nobody starts changing in the next few months consider yourselves lucky or just assume this is all fiction. If you start to see people begin to change in a few weeks I am deeply sorry for the devastation that your world will experience.

At least you'll know when it began and how it came to your world. My world never got that early warning.

Stay the way you are. Goodbye and good luck.

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