PIONEER ONE: Episode 3

Episode 3 “Alone in the Night”

With the mysterious Martian boy Yuri (Aleksandr Evtushenko) now stable, Taylor and company remain holed up in the Calgary airbase under a two-week quarantine. Unable to get the boy to talk, Taylor is forced to expand his team by bringing Jane Campbell (Laura Graham), a young nurse with expertise treating children, into the quarantined base.

Over the course of one sleepless night, the team starts to contemplate the true ramifications of Yuri really being from Mars. If it’s true...might the impossible just be possible?

...and what happened to his parents?

PIONEER ONE is an independent drama series written by Josh Bernhard and directed by Bracey Smith. After raising $6000 to shoot their pilot on Kickstarter in March, 2010, the first episode debuted online on June 16, 2010 and was downloaded 2,000,000 times in two weeks and went on to win Best Drama Pilot at the 2010 New York Television Festival. Over the next several months, fans donated $100,000 to fund the rest of the 6-episode first season, which went on to be nominated for a Webby Award for Best Drama and Best Writing in 2012.

Originally distributed on, the episodes had over 4.1 million completed downloads as of April, 2012:

2010 New York Television Festival: Best Drama Pilot (


2012 Webby Awards: Best Drama Nominee

2012 Webby Awards: Best Writing Honoree

2012 IAWTV Awards: Best Drama Nominee (



0:00 – Recap.

0:30 – Date night.

2:20 – Walzer talks to Yuri.

3:39 – Hell is Other People.

4:26 – Main titles.

5:11 – Midnight rendezvous.

6:09 – Shock.

7:11 – Getting lost in it.

9:17 – I'll be in the mess hall.

9:51 – Going back to Mars?

10:53 – Jane and Yuri.

14:28 – Bad coffee, good company.

17:33 – Accidents happen.

18:34 – Where we're at.

21:35 – A yes or a no.

22:46 – I hope you like Motown.

23:10 – Alone in the night.

23:59 – The view from Mars.

25:34 – Act of desperation.

27:00 – Act of compassion.

29:22 – Next time:

29:42 – End credits.

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