3D Printing With Glow in the Dark PLA Filament

Image Source: Personal Photo

Another thing that I've done with my 3D printer that I am just getting around to posting about now is 3D printing with glow in the dark PLA filament. It's virtually the same as printing with "regular" PLA but making the model being printed stronger with a higher in-fill percent is basically wasting the filament. To "charge" the printed model with ultraviolet light the surface is almost exclusively what gets the UV and glows later. The ultraviolet light doesn't go very far beyond the walls of the print. In other words what gets 3D printed is mostly for decorative purposes. The spool I got is one kilogram of green glow in the dark PLA but by sparing the in-fill it can last awhile before being completely consumed.

Image Source: Personal Photo

Yes, of course I 3D printed a Fallout Nuka Cola bottle from Thingiverse. Not the canonicity glow color but since I have the .stl file I can always 3D print another one when I get blue glow in the dark PLA.

Image Source: Personal Photo


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