3D Printing an Object with Hinges

Image Source: Personal Photo

One of the things I've been wanting to do as a beginner in 3D printing is experimenting with adding movable joints to designs. I am not at the stage of trying to make my own designs incorporating hinges in Tinkercad yet but today I 3D printed an object with hinges.

I found an Articulated Hinged Dolphin Keychain model posted by Thingiverse user paul0. Just like every other model I've printed so far it was a single .stl file. Unlike my other prints so far I used 100% infill for this print.

Image Source: Personal Photo

Image Source: Personal Photo

I think it's interesting how a 3D printer can print a single object with segments connected by hinges. It's a literal "no assembly required" technique.

Image Source: Personal Photo

Image Source: Personal Photo

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