My 3D Printer Plans Have Changed (New Model)

I got my replacement MP10 Mini 3D printer. Opened the box but never assembled it. Along with the 3D printer the box came with complementary cockroaches. I really don't need to pull anything out of the box when there are literal bugs with the 3D printer. It's being shipped back ASAP.

As I stated in a previous post I almost went with the Delta Mini. Maybe I was a little greedy with the build volume. I am getting clues that the Universe just doesn't want me to have a happy MP10 Mini experience.

I am returning the replacement 3D printer unassembled along with the defective 3D printer which was a nightmare to get disassembled and neatly packed back up in its box. I described my experience to one of my amateur radio friends and he could relate with a recent experience putting together a bike. Some things just aren't designed to be taken apart and boxed as easily as they are unboxed and assembled.

Anyway, new plan: Go with my initial gut instinct and get a Delta Mini as a beginner 3D printer. Simple, already assembled, right out of the box. This printer is just for hobby. If this were for business I'd have more reason to weather all the hassle. In a few years with some experience in 3D printing under my belt it will probably be at least partly business when I get another 3D printer.

The one drawback to the new plan is it will take 1-2 months to ship the Delta Mini but I think after this experience I need a rest. I haven't done much with the 3D pen lately so I'll pass the time with that.

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