3D Printed Triangle Opening Tool

Image Source: Personal Photo

I recently got a secondhand Android smartphone. It is in good condition but the battery's capacity to hold a charge is virtually null.

It's the type of mobile phone that allows the battery to be swapped easily with a new battery by popping the back cover off. Technically I could do it with just my fingers and some force but I wanted to "do it right" and insert a pry tool into the slot on the cover.

Image Source: Personal Photo

Amazon.com has plastic triangle opening tools listed for sale but I didn't want to buy a pack of 10 or 25. Since I have a 3D printer and the tool I needed was plastic I tried 3D printing a triangle opening tool. The pry tool I 3D printed was from thingiverse.com and posted by user outmax.

Since the object I was printing is small even with 100% infill the tool was printed in just a few minutes.

The user outmax left no notes on the Thingiverse post. I suspect if there had been notes one of them would be ABS is recommended over PLA for this print. The opening tool I had printed didn't seem strong enough to handle the job of prying off the back cover of the smartphone.

After several attempts I ended up just removing the back cover with my fingers. Until I get a 3D printer that can handle ABS filament or I construct a proper enclosure for my Tronxy XY-2 Pro I guess this is one item I'll need to buy on-line rather than DIY.

Image Source: Personal Photo

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