3D Model of a Beehive (Version 1.0)

I wasn't planning to make a 3D model of a beehive so soon but due to some encouragement from @memepress I moved this project up the queue. Since this is more ahead of schedule than I planned this 3D model is also a "version 1.0" design.

Image Source: tinkercad.com

Version 2.0 will more closely resemble a 3D version of the @memehive logo. More rounded and a higher polygon count.

I've publicly posted my version 1.0 beehive design on tinkercad.com under a Creative Commons CC-BY license.

One thing to note if you tinker with my 3D model: I embedded a box in the beehive model so the end of the nest entrance is black giving the design a more empty and hollow illusion when my model is ungrouped. By default my model is grouped as a single solid yellow object.

Image Source: tinkercad.com


I haven't forgotten @small1axe. 3D designing and printing that puzzle is still near the top of the list.