32nd of December - Time Travel Audio Story

I am going to be staying up late tonight to catch up with everything I need to do which means I would love to have more time. But maybe getting that wish granted isn't the best thing. At least that's what a lot of science fiction stories preach.

I first heard Suspense's "The Thirty-Second of December" back in the late '90s when KNX 1070 had the "Drama Hour" when KNX rebroadcasted programs from the golden age of radio. Suspense didn't do many science fiction stories but this is one of them and I think it's the best. It's been a tradition for me to listen to this story involving time travel and New Year's eve to celebrate the end of the year.

The story has some of the familiar tropes you'd expect in a time travel story. It also has the trope of the mysterious shopkeeper selling a mysterious and powerful object. I won't spoil the ending so you'll just have to listen for yourself.