20,000 POB Staked, 30,000 POB to Go

Last week I published the post "Can I Reach 20,000 Staked POB By the Time this Post Pays Out?" and I did stake 20,000 POB by the post's payout. Mostly by using a power down payout to buy the Proof of Brain tokens but I made it to 20,000 staked POB tokens. There was no guarantee I would have reached 20,000 staked POB. If the price had doubled by the end of last week I couldn't have bought enough. With 19,200+ staked POB at the time though I wouldn't have worried about a doubling in the token's price.

Image Source: leodex.io

I plan to keep the 20,000 Proof of Brain tokens staked until at least 2025. That's 1,000 days from the date of this post. My goal is to have 50,000 staked POB by January 1, 2025. That means staking an average of 30 POB each day between now and then. Right now I can accumulate around 20 POB each day through curation and content creation. There will probably be days between now and January 1, 2025 in which I can't stake POB, curate, or pots content. I can pretty much guarantee that will be true. As long as the average is maintained I'll reach my goal.

25,000 POB staked by September 21, 2022 or bust.

Staking Proof of Brain tokens is just one of several ways I am investing in Hive. I am optimistic that Hive will only get bigger over the next one thousand days so I expect what I have now to increase in value.

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