1990s Tropes and Cliches

@joeyarnoldvn has started a 1990s community. Probably not Earth's finest decade. Was humanity even trying or was that decade just a lost cause?

So, let's discuss the tropes of the '90s decade. There was a That '70s Show and a That '80s Show. Will the Fox network ever commission a That '90s Show full of Clinton cigar jokes and...what else was there?

I could easily watch a few hours of Nick at Nite and come up with a list of '90s tropes and cliches but I haven't done anything that bad recently to justify such a punishment. Luckily I can search Google and find a list of 1990s tropes and cliches someone else has already written.

Screenrant.com has a list of '90s tropes and cliches that aren't in movies much anymore. Maybe not in movies but number nine on the list is "Obvious Environmental Message That’s Shoved In" and I've seen that in at least one episode of the current Doctor Who series. Looking at the list some more numbers three and two pretty much sum up the current Doctor Who era.

Doctor Who wasn't regularly on television during the 1990s (a period known to fans as "The Wilderness Years"). Is Doctor Who right now drawing on '90s cliches and tropes to make up for that lost time? Is that what is happening? Is Chris Chibnall really that kind of an evil genius?