18000 POB and 6000 VYB Staked

Today I passed the levels of staking 18,000 POB tokens and 6,000 VYB tokens. I don't have any set goal for staking VYB but for my 50,000 staked POB by 2025 goal I am now 36% of the way there.

Image Source: leodex.io

I started off with 3,000 VYB after winning the "Show Your VYB" contest with a 3D print. Back in December that 3,000 VYB was worth more than $150 USD. After doubling my VYB stake currently according to what my leodex.io wallet is showing my 6,000 staked VYB is worth around $90 USD. Hopefully soon VYB will return to where it was before so I can have a few hundred dollars worth of VYB.

Of course with three times more POB than VYB I am more bullish for Proof of Brain tokens.

Image Source: leodex.io