100 PALcoins Contest: Plan a Time Travel Crime

Remember that time I held a contest asking what movie most influenced your life? It's been a long time since I've held a contest. Now is as good of a time as any I think for another contest. Let's take the time to have another one and make a fun time of it.

This time the top prize is 100 PALcoins while second and third place get 25 PALcoins each.

Since we're on the subject of time...

The contest is to plan a hypothetical crime utilizing time travel. The operational definition of "crime" is exactly what it sounds like for this contest. The "crime" is hypothetically going back in time and committing one or more unlawful acts in the past. Anything from misdemeanor to felony in order to change the timeline.

A crime is often described as consisting of means, motive and opportunity. This contest is supplying a hypothetical time machine as the the means to commit the crime in time. Each contest participant will be judged by their hypothetical motive and opportunity to commit the crime(s).

Since this is all hypothetical tapping into your inner evil genius would be helpful in participating. I am the sole judge of the contest. I am also a fan of the TV shows Timecop and Timeless so there's no point in pretending I am not going to be biased in how I will judge the entries. The more creative and original the plot to change the past the better I will judge it.

Here is how to enter my contest:

  1. If you haven't already you need to sign up at palnet.io to participate in this contest. The prizes will be transferred to the winner's @username palnet.io account.

  2. Write a post describing the outline of your criminal plot: Where and at what point in the past you would travel to. What information and/or supplies you would acquire to commit the crime(s) in the past. How long you would stay in the past to carry the unlawful act(s) out before returning to the present. What the motive in changing the past is. Ect.

  3. For the title of your contest entry post put it in the format:

My Time Travel Crime: Insert Your Post Title Here

4 Make sure that one of the tags of your entry post is palnet.

5 In the comment section below post the palnet.io URL of your entry post. When I see your comment to this post I will review your post and reply back to confirm your entry in the contest.

The contest runs from the moment this is posted until June 17, 2019 12:01:00 a.m. PST. Winners will be announced shortly after that.

Good luck everyone.

Any other details that need to be added or clarified will be added below:

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